About iConnect Community

The ultimate complete community designed to make employees happy.

Our vision

To create a better everyday work/life balance where everyone can do their living, working, shopping, and playing all within a 7-minute walk.

Our mission

To rethink the status quo and make people happy!

Interact with our dynamic Plan Map below to see the different elements of the iConnect Community.



Krpan Group

The Krpan Group was established in 1973 and has been responsible for developing, building, and managing over 5,000 residential homes, with thousands more proposed, and millions of square feet of commercial and employment space throughout the West GTA.

The Remington Group

The Remington Group operates, develops, manages, and builds an extensive cross section of residential, retail, commercial, and income properties across Ontario. Remington Group is responsible for a similar project, Downtown Markham.